We believe
that strong bonds is the foundation of a happy society.

Fun Facts

About Us

VIM Entertainment is a Saudi entertainment company established in 2019 defined by Energy & Enthusiasm, which motivates us to bring the most enjoyable experience to the entire family and promote physical & edutainment activities to all ages while maintaining the highest safety & hygiene measurement and best customer experience.

Our Story

We believe that entertainment means moving, exploring, and connecting people together. We made it our mission to bring back the kind of active play that our community needs (away from digitals). VIM came to life with the goal of giving everyone a jolt of positive energy through interactive, on- ground entertainment. This is so that the youth can grow up with enhanced basic skills and social awareness, and so that adults can better connect with their children, their friends and themselves in an energetic, enthusiastic and edutainment environment.

Fun Facts

Our Value

Moments of Joy “Happiness”

we want to spread joy, satisfaction and pleasure among all our visitors.

Life is too short and we want everyone to enjoy life and have fun doing it, we aim to lighten up the world, make sure everyone has a great time, and to entertain people to enjoy life.

Forming connected relationships is the base of a happy, health and thriving society. We want to be a bonding hub for all our members and audience.

Our culture is all about bringing people together, starting with our team members, kids, families and society.

We implement the highest safety standards in everything we provide.

Our passion fuels us to keep going, everything comes from the heart as we love what we do.

We will always make sure to implement the highest quality and standards in all our products and services.

We make it our responsibility to provide opportunities for Saudi youth. We support women empowerment, catering to those with special needs, and constantly collaborating with NPOs to create lasting impacts on our society.

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